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Belorussian-Russian University

Belarusian-Russian University is the largest regional scientific-educational center comprising Professional Development and Retraining Institute, the college of architecture and construction and the lyceum.

The University has six faculties: automechanical, mechanical-enginering, construction, economics, electrical-engineering, correspondence, as well as the faculty of pre-university preparatory programme and professional orientation. All these faculties include 29 chairs. There is a research center, problem research laboratories and scientific-production centers.

Specialists are trained in 17 specialities and 31 specialization fields in compliance with Belarusian educational standards and in 5 specialities in compliance with Russian educational standards. The college of architecture and construction trains specialists in 4 fields. The Professional Development and Retraining Institute allows people with higher education to be retrained and get another higher education in one of the 9 specialities. The student body at the University is more than 7500, the total number of students in all structural subdivisions is 12000 people.

Studies are held in 7 buildings equipped with modern teaching aids, the library resource accounts for over 1.5 mln. copies of textbooks and teaching manuals. The University has a publishing center with a good stock of modern copiers.

Specialists of the highest qualification are trained through magistracy, post-graduate studies and as external post-graduates in 15 scientific fields. There is a specialized Board for defending dissertations and awarding the Candidate's of Science degree. The University periodically publishes a scientific journal "Vestnik of the Belarusian-Russian University" and the Proceedings of scientific conferences, holds international scientific-technical conferences.

The University maintains collaborative links with educational institutions, organizations and scientists in CIS countries and in Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Egypt, Nepal, Syria, Slovakia, the USA, Ukraine, Sweden, Yugoslavia. Within the University there is the system of a continuous educational process: Lyceum --> College of architecture and construction -> University --> Professional Development and Retraining Institute.


Continuing Education and Professional Development Department within Belarussian-Russian University, 1990-2015