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Get-togethers on offer

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Behind the scenes

Hidden Rules of Englishness is an open community of language learners, an indispensable part of what we see as the Extended Learning Environment here at the Institute of Continuing Education (Belarusian-Russian University – Mogilev, Belarus). We foster further interaction of learners and teachers of all sorts around the subject of Englishness both in virtual and real settings.

The concept comes as series of informal out-of-the-classroom get-togethers, each aimed at ensuring speaking practice for language users of pre-intermediate and above levels, as well as developing some crucial competencies of cross-cultural communication through the prism of the subconscious rules of the English behaviour. Looking deeper into social and cultural aspects of Englishness we reveal the values, beliefs and attitudes characteristic to our native culture too, and thereby further understand and study selves.

We hedge all our daily activities with rules. This is as natural as belonging to a particular community at any level of relationship: nation, profession, family, hobby, etc.

What’s on offer?

  • A Country of the Mind” provides a generic focus on Englishness and speculates on the issues of national identity, belonging and success.
  • Hidden Rules of the English Pub” discovers the pub as one of a very few places which provide escape from the English social dis-ease and disclose the rules of social bonding within the establishments for the sale of drinks.
  • Hidden Rules of the English Tea Room” takes on the journey around the social backgrounds of the most English beverage.
  • “Hidden Rules of the English Coffeehouse” tickles the senses with fine fragrance and ignites the minds with heated debate.
  • “The Rules of Christmas Tea” captures the essence of a traditional English Christmas.

The  web-page

Here you may find some detailed information on the series, scheduled get-togethers, venues and terms of participation. “Register” page is the most frequented one, it is where you will always find yourself to book a seat for the event. Let’s go on and see the Rules in action – we have a gallery of photos and a board for feedback here too! Fancy to know more about the author? It’s just a click away.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any time of day or night.

Before you leave, connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, follow the news, stay tuned with the curiosities of the English behavior and contribute to the online fellowship.