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* Important information

Payment proceeding

Once registered, please proceed to payment and confirm it by e-mailing or vibering us the pay-slip. Unconfirmed registrations will be cancelled in 24 hours.

You are free to choose any method of payment, most convenient to you:

  • Online banking system (see instructions);
  • ATM (aka “Infokiosk”);
  • Bank office;
  • Cashier at the University (building 1, floor 2, room 222).

Whichever method you choose, make sure you have  “За обучение в ИПК, курсы ИЯ-С” as PURPOSE OF PAYMENT in the slip or web-form. At your bank, they may also need the pay-slip form *.

* To view the pay-slip form you will need a pdf-reader ,like Adobe Reader. If you are not able to open the file, download the app.

The agreement

The Belarusian-Russian University ensures the high quality of its services by signing agreements with students. This nation-wide regulation secures the rights of both the applicants and the institutions of education. We will provide each participant with a signed agreement, and will kindly ask you to sign it in return. Check the link to familiarise with the document. As you can see, the form requires your passport and address details. To save time you may share this information in the registration form below. I will then have a ready-to-sign copy on hands by the get-together.

We promise to keep your personal information in private and not to let it leak to third parties. If you are not easy to share your passport details, well, do it at your pleasure, but mind to grab your passport on the day of the event.