Mr. Kiryl Samartsau, MSc.



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map-pointer7 Mira 43, 212000 Mogilev

    Room: 420 (BRU's building 1)

    Office hours: 10am - 9 pm


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Institute of Continuing Education & Professional Development

Belarusian-Russian University (Mogilev, Belarus)

Information on the teacher

Kiryl Samartsau (Mr) is a teacher at the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), a staunch anglophile, devoted behaviorist, curious traveller and an individual with insatiable knowlegde in people and their styles of life. In his teaching and research practice Kiryl is primarily focused on the following domains of Applied Linguistics: Conference Interpreting, Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Communication, Grammar and natural language processing. Other areas of research and professional interest include the issues of adult education, competency assessment, validation of work-based skills and personality development.

Kiryl is an adeherent advocate of the concept of extended learning enviroment, which is practiced within the Languages Department of the ICE. The enviroment presumes the three dimensions of learning: lifelong, lifewide and lifedeep. The idea is to provide a cohesive assortment of language learning opportunities of various types and forms for all age-groups and professional orientations. We support interaction of students, reach those with specific needs, collaborate with the alumni and aim at creating a self-regulating community of learners.