The Rules of the English Coffeehouse

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.

T.S. Eliot, the writer

These days it is easier to find a good cup of coffee in London than in Paris. England is no longer a nation of tea-drinkers. Coffee shops are just about to outnumber pubs – the face of the country is changing.

What is quintessentially English about drinking coffee and visiting coffee shops?

Prompting question is it! Coffee has become over-commoditized and globalized both with generic coffee shops establishing same rules of play all over the world, and private cafes selling fashion rather than drink.

What is the future of an English coffee house?

Some good talk, a proper, heated, debate, and coffee to keep the minds bright is what we may well hope for and look forward to at the get-together! See you soon!

Meanwhile, why don’t you take a couple of minutes of your busy day and complete a short SURVEY on coffee consumption?