The Fundamentals of Pub Etiquette

Fundamentals of Pub-Etiquette

‘Just as drinking and its effects are imbedded in other aspects of culture, so are many other aspects of culture imbedded in the act of drinking’

Dwight Heath, the anthropologist (International Handbook on Alcohol and Culture, 1995) 

The human species is addicted to rule making. Every human activity, without exception, including naturalbiological functions such as eating and sex, is hedged about with complex sets of rules and regulations, dictatingprecisely when, where, with whom and in what manner the activity may be performed. Animals just dothese things; humans make an almighty song and dance about it. This is known as ‘civilization’.

The English pub, as an institution, as a micro-society, has been governed by a stable, enduring set of unspoken rules. It is aninstitution devoted to sociability, which even among the English involves communication, so it is not surprisingthat most of its rules are concerned with languageand body language.

 The Fundamentals of Pub Etiquette features some essential rules on:

  • How to get served?
  • How to order a beer?
  • How to tip the bar-staff?
  • How to order food?

We will have a sensible practical insight into the rules of Sociability, Invisible-queue, Pantomime, P’s and q’s, Tipping, Pub-argument, Free-associations, Round-buying, After-work drink and other. Learners will be given vital instructions on English pub-etiquette; moreover, they will be able to try it out in an authentic environment. All that is crucial for the sense of belonging to the real pub-community through and through.