The Rules of Pub Choice

the rules of pub choice

There is no private house in which people can enjoy themselves as well as at a capital tavern… There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man which so much happiness is produced, as by a good tavern or inn.

Samuel Johnson, the writer (1709-1784)

The pub is more than just a shop that sells beer; it’s a social venue. You feel you have a little more ownership of the space, more of a right to be there, than you do in any other commercial establishment. The pub is comfortable, like home, and gives you a sense of security. And yet it’s public as well.

Whether you are intending to have a drink or to socialise, to dine or to play darts, to go alone or in company (of family … and the dog) you have to comply with the unspoken rules of choice of the establishment to get the most of your visit.

The Rules of Choice features:

  • What makes your local special?
  • What do you expect eating and/or drinking in a pub?
  • What is the occasion to go to a pub?
  • The types of pubs and 
  • The Rules of Choice

Apart of the sound injection of the English language practice and a clear insight into the social and cultural habits of the English nation, this discussion will facilitate noticeably your judgment of drinking, pub-going and, furthermore, socialising.