The Rules of Beer Choice


Beer! Beer! We want more beer! All the lads are cheering’, Get the blooming beers in.

Anon., traditional drinking song

In the oldest stories ever told, there came a point in our birth as species where we realized we were mortal. Some of us simply had to deal with it, or pin our hopes on things looking up in the afterlife. But others were happier with their lot. Because they had beer.

Indeed, beer in England, with all the many faces of it, is more than a fizzy golden Continental liquid. At the same time people feel their choice of lager brand says more about themselves than a pint of local mild. English beer has little to do with the German law Reinheitsgebot, but is subject to some local natural rules of production and consumption. There we go, probably, the most demanded get-together!

The Rules of Beer Choice features:

  • Beer, the fundamental ingredients of;
  • The rules to choose the drink and the vessel for it; 
  • Stereotypes about the English beer;
  • Behind the brand name;
  • Complementation of beer with food.

Apart of the sound injection of the English language practice and a clear insight into the social and cultural habits of the English nation, this discussion will facilitate noticeably your judgment of drinking, pub-going and, furthermore, socialising.