The Rules of Consumption

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You cannot make tea so fast as I can gulp it down

Samuel Johnson, the writer, lexicographer (1709-1784)

By far you remember those controversial questions which have puzzled you since the school desk! Milk or tea first? How creamy is cream-tea? Ever felt uneasy by riddling the proper use of a tea-spoon…tea-bag?

Join us for the get-together on the English rules of tea consumption to make sure you are never again embarrassed with a cucumber sandwich and other ‘tea-things’.  Test how English you are by reflecting on your habits and customs. Finally, let’s discover what makes a perfect cup of tea.

The Rules of Consumption features:

  • How to drink tea and how much to drink?
  • How to serve tea?
  • What is a tea-ware?
  • What are the ‘tea-things’ to go with the perfect cuppa?
  • Is tea-bag evil?