The Coffee Ring Question

coffee-ring - front

‘…this academy be governed according to the rules of good breeding or civil conversation.’

From the Rota Club’s Statement


John Houghton (the English apothecary, writer) published his effusive assessments of the contributions that the coffeehouses had made to the advancement of learning since their introduction both in the Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions as well as in his own financial weekly, A Collection for the Improvement of Husbandry and Trade.

He thought that: “Coffee-houses make all sorts of people sociable, the rich and the poor meet together, as also do the learned and unlearned. It improves arts, merchandize, and all other knowledge; for here an inquisitive man, that aims at good learning, may get more in an evening than he shall by books in a month: he may find out such coffee-houses, where men frequent, who are studious in such matters as his enquiry tends to, and he may in short space gain the pith and marrow of the others reading and studies. I have heard a worthy friend of mine . . . who was of good learning . . . say, that he did think, that coffeehouses had improved useful knowledge, as much as [the universities] have, and spake in no way of slight to them neither.”

“How did the coffeehouse etch out its place as a penny university?” andCan it qualify to be the one these days?” are the questions we address within this get-together, alongside a few GAMES on DEBATING and a good old cup of coffee to brighten up the senses.


  • Scope: 1 get-together;
  • Time: ~2 hrs (or as long as we get stuck) starting 6 pm;
  • Days: April 10;
  • Fee: 10,00 BYN (registration only);
  • Venue: Da Vinci Cafe;
  • Resources: A pre-get-together worksheet will be sent to each registered participant before the event. More resources will be available on-site.
  • Registration: ONLINE or over the phone +375295457754

* A certificate of completion is available upon request.

Meanwhile, why don’t you take a couple of minutes of your busy day and complete a short SURVEY on coffee consumption?