Who is Who?


…common elements come together in the English pub in a different way, under the benign but supreme authority of the landlord.

  Pete Brown, the writer, advertiser  (Man Walks into a Pub, 2010)

In the early 1800s, when the votes of ordinary citizens began to influence public affairs, there has been coined a phrase ‘a man in the street’ to talk about an average, ordinary person. No wonder the idiom came from the US, as it has never been the voice of the majority in Britain. Today we are endeavouring to spot all the English pub-species.

It is essential you understand the key-groups of the people in a pub. You know your place, judge sensibly on the most obnoxious or revolting behavior, seek comfort or troubles wisely, and do not violate the hidden rules.

The Who is Who? get-together features:

  • How to spot a regular?
  • How to spot the publican?
  • How to spot the bar-staff?
  • Who is the ‘man in the pub’?
  • Tips for solo-femails to enjoy the most of the pubs’ male environment

Apart of the sound injection of the English language practice and a clear insight into the social and cultural habits of the English nation, this discussion will facilitate noticeably your judgment of drinking, pub-going and, furthermore, socialising.